A Collection of 10k Unique Hand Drawn NFTs

Mint  a  Companion...  With  Benefits

Public mint is open!

3,183 Companions already minted!

Verified contract address: 0x7a94638e232e653a8e44a4e1c260a796d730fbc4

  • 10% extra in-game rewards

  • Free, exclusive ship skin

  • $50k giveaway to one lucky holder

So  what  are  the  benefits?!

  • Free, exclusive ship skin

    Companions will be eligible to claim the Companion Ship Skin via your account dashboard!

  • 10% extra in-game rewards

    Anyone holding a Companion in their wallet will earn an extra 10% rewards when playing Operation Dawn - the first play-to-earn game in The SolaVerse.

  • 500+ Upgraded Companions

    More than 500 of the Companions minted in the public sale will be randomly upgraded with some extra traits to link them to the SOLA-STARS.

  • Charity donation

    When minting is complete, we'll be donating 50% of the proceeds to charities voted for by the Companion holders.

    25.893 ETH raised so far!

  • $50k giveaway

    Once we reach 1k trade volume on OpenSea, one lucky Companion holder will win $50,000 worth of ETH!

  • Upcoming blockchain game

    Later this year, we'll be launching a blockchain game specifically for the Companions with lots of prizes and giveaways!

There's so many reasons to mint a Companion - we can't think of a single reason not to!

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