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There's lots to do - This is such an exciting time!

The SolaVerse is a collective of its incredible community, projects, partners, collaborators, advisors, and everything in between. There's a long road ahead, and every single minute of it will be an adventure, but the most exciting part of it all will be sharing the journey with you.

The Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain Gaming spaces are quickly becoming saturated with projects that promise to be the next Big Thing. Our goal with The SolaVerse is not to compete to be the best-looking game, or the first game to market, it will always be to provide the best destination for everyone.

By focusing on the Play2Earn game in the first roadmap, the plan is to enter a new market that is growing at an incredible rate, but this will simply be the first project we bring to market. By placing itself in the Metaverse market, The SolaVerse has the scope and plans to expand exponentially in the future.

We're offering plenty of Benefits

Team members get great benefits which makes working for The SolaVerse all that sweeter. We love our social gatherings and flexitime. Our benefits aid work/life balance and make our working week enjoyable.

  • Competitive salaries
  • Company pension
  • 28 days holiday
  • +1 day per year additional holiday
  • Creative office space
  • Remote working and office days
  • Flexible schedule
  • Social gatherings
  • Company events
  • On-site parking
  • Profit sharing

We're Currently Seeking

The developer rope will largely involve maintaining, developing, and optimising the current Laravel 8 systems we have, as well as helping design and build exciting new ones to help integrate with blockchain technology though API interactions.

It's a great opportunity to make your mark, learn, grow, and implement your skillset with some new technologies.

The successful PHP Developer candidate will have the following skills and experience:

  • PHP 7.4+ - essential.
  • Laravel 8 - essential.
  • MySQL - essential.
  • Git - important.
  • Node, AWS, Docker - ideal.
  • Ability and willingness to learn and pick up new technology - essential.

The main responsibilities will be:

  • Build and maintain Laravel 8 applications.
  • Create custom integrations with 3rd party systems (Restful APIs, etc.)
  • Extend and modify existing APIs to enhance functionality.
  • Where necessary, create simple user interfaces base on existing front-end frameworks.
  • Help to enhance and shape the developer & deployment processes.
  • Write supporting documentation on bespoke functionality.
  • Unit testing.

We're looking for creative designers that are passionate about all things digital and social, as well as having a keen interested when it comes to best user experience practices. You will be a contemporary digital designer with a good understanding and experience working across digital media channel, always researching, and constantly looking for the next things to experiment with digitally to keep us evolving and current. A keen eye for detail and have a love of layouts & typography are crucial.


  • Work with the senior creatives and leaders to evolve concepts from initials designs to final artwork.
  • Support the design of the website, emails, advertising & social media content, taking a digital first approach to briefs.
  • Support the evolution of campaign graphics working as part of the design & development team.
  • Create artwork for print projects.

Required Skills

  • Strong skills with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd, etc.) are required.
  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign would be helpful.
  • Some animation experience would be an advantage.

Experienced JavaScript Developers that want to join a fast-growing blockchain, Web3, and web development company with exciting prospects, based in Fareham.

We're looking for talented JavaScript developers to join our team which specialises in blockchain integration using both Web2 and Web3 technologies. Candidates should have strong NodeJS backend experience and skills as a front-end developer using ReactJS. Experience designing web applications from scratch is a must; production and consumption of APIs is also important.

    Key requirements:

  • Strong NodeJS, ReactJS and NextJS experience.
  • Experience designing and developing web applications.
  • Experience designing and consuming APIs.
  • UX design skills.
  • A keen eye for details.

    Useful requirements:

  • Some experience with Web3.js and blockchain technologies.
  • AWS.
  • GIT.
  • PHP.

The SolaVerse is a space based metaverse entering the Play2Earn market. Plans are already in the works for incredible events such as live concerts, online stores, interactive VR and AR experiences, and a whole host more exciting adventures - all taking part inside The SolaVerse.

We are building a platform where people with all sorts of skills, knowledge and backgrounds can come together to work on and play in collaborative projects and games. Whether it's educational, gaming, or even earning money expanding their business, the metaverse we're building will allow people to achieve almost anything.

Job Description

Marketing/Brand Manager will play a key role within The SolaVerse, working with the founders and team to deliver digital marketing and lead generation to drive the business forward to achieve its growth targets across the globe.


  • Setting out a strategic growth plan for The SolaVerse in Europe, US, Australia, and Asia.
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy that encompasses digital growth and budget.
  • Planning and developing integrated digital marketing campaigns.
  • Leading all marketing activity and measuring performance through ongoing review of performance metrics.
  • Implementing and developing a process for conversion rate review and optimisation.
  • Maintaining, developing, and researching potential new strategic collaborations and relationships within the sector to help drive the growth of the brand.

Required Skills

  • Have experience in leading content pipeline (curate, produce, write, organize with our team or commission with contractors)
  • Experience of working in a high growth, fast-paced business.
  • Automating standard content: enjoy building processes that automate the content generation and engagement keeping in mind funnel building and product conversions.
  • Work with PR agencies, community managers across regions and sectors.
  • Initiate marketing and growth streams, coordinate and plan with the team according to the product roadmap.
  • Ability to manage and achieve a return on investment on significant marketing budgets.
  • Excellent knowledge of PPC, SEO, Social Media, Brand Advocacy and Loyalty Campaigns.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to work within a start-up environment in the early years of growth, whilst being part of a highly motivated, driven team in a desirable, high growth exciting sector.

We're looking for initiative-taking developers who are fluent in Solidity development and the planning and deployment of smart contracts.

A solid understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Yellow Paper is important. You'll get the opportunity to work at the bleeding edge of blockchain technology and work on multiple projects.

    Key requirements:

  • Experience developing and deploying smart contracts in a production environment on Ethereum.
  • Good knowledge of Solidity development patterns and best practices, gas optimisation is crucially important.
  • Experience with Ethereum SDKs, web3 contract interactions, development tools and frameworks.
  • Good knowledge of ERC and EIP Ethereum standards.
  • Ability to apply high quality testing standards and good documentation practices.

    Useful requirements:

  • Good understanding of L2 technologies and side chains.
  • Contribution to open-source projects.
  • Good understanding of cross-chain interoperability.

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