Welcome to The SolaVerse

Our small but talented team have worked together for many years now. We have a diverse range of skills that has helped us develop and maintain the success of market leading projects and businesses.

With decades of combined experience in gaming, software development, blockchain technology and crypto, we finally decided it's time to combine our passions and skills and dive headfirst into the metaverse.

We want to build a platform where people with all sorts of skills, knowledge and backgrounds can come together to work on and play in collaborative projects and games. Whether it's educational, gaming, or even earning money expanding their business, the metaverse we're building will allow people to achieve almost anything.

The possibilities are endless

Our founders host regular AMAs in our Discord but if you want to get in touch with them, their personal Twitter accounts are:

  • onlysenna_


    2009 bitcoiner, ETH advocate in 2015 and NFTs took over my life in 2020. Now building a metaverse.

  • JonWigham


    Web & Blockchain designer & developer extraordinaire. Geordie German a long way from home.

The possibilities are endless

There is no limit to how far the metaverse can go. We believe the possibilities for development and collaborations are literally endless.

Plans are already in the works for incredible events such as live concerts, online stores, interactive VR and AR experiences, and a whole host more exciting adventures - all taking part inside The SolaVerse.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in being involved in the development of our metaverse.

We'd also love to speak to anyone interested in collaborating with or investing in The SolaVerse.

Operation Dawn