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The SolaVerse Companions

Who are The SolaVerse Companions?

A collection of 10,000 AI driven robots sent out into The SolaVerse to perform important tasks and missions.

Let's not get carried away though - "AI driven" sounds pretty cool, but we've seen more than a couple of them manage to set themselves on fire and lose limbs performing some pretty mundane tasks. Seriously, who hurts themselves making toast?!

We tried our best to correct their programming, but ultimately, we decided they seem like too much of a liability to keep around.

Once they've completed their primary missions, we'll reboot them and make them start taking orders from their new owners instead.

We've brought them this far, where they go next is up to you!

The SolaVerse Companions

Their future is in your hands... You wouldn't do anything silly with them... Would you?

Roadmap (or not)

Roadmaps suck. Everyone makes them, and no-one sticks to them for long. Honestly, with these bots around, even if they had a map, they'd still get lost.

So instead of boring you with all the things the marketing team wanted to say, here's a bunch of things we're probably going to do over the next 12 months.

  • Host the best Discord community ever

  • Distribute a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs

  • Donate 50% of proceeds to charity - chosen by the community

  • Reveal hundreds of unique, hand-drawn attributes

  • Give you the commercial rights for your Companions

  • Give $50k to a random hodler at 1k trade volume

  • Reveal the Origins story of your Companions

  • Create a badass community and brand in the metaverse

  • Give you access to the alpha release of Project Dawn - the first P2E game in The SolaVerse

  • Produce 3d models of your Companions for use anywhere

  • Release a "Firmware Update" for the Companions

  • Deploy a blockchain game... probably nothing

Of course, that's not everything - innovation is a never-ending road. Ah crap. Not road... Staircase? No. Space tunnel... Yes! Anyway, fun shit, we'll be doing lots of fun shit! Ok, you can carry on now...

Wen Mint?

Someone was bound to ask that, so...

  • Stage one:

    We need to curate the most epic group of whitelisters possible. We'll all be running The SolaVerse together, so it's probably for best if we all get along!

  • Stage two:

    SOLA-STAR holders will get to mint a free Companion, and they'll have 24 hours to do it.

  • Stage three:

    Whitelisters are going to get 24 hours to mint to avoid high gas fees.

  • Stage four:

    Any lonely, leftover Companions will go into a public sale once Operation Dawn is launched.

  • Stage five:

    When all 10k are minted, we'll stream the metadata and artwork reveal on Twitch. Whether it's Opensea or LooksRare depends on if either of them verify us before launch...

  • Stage six:

    SURPRISE! All 10,000 Companions will have their metadata updated 7 days after the reveal. Wait, what? Why? The secret's out already... Try asking someone!

  • Stage seven:

    We'll stream the 2nd and final artwork and trait reveal -
    Again... OpenSea and LooksRare, feel free to sponsor us

OK, so Wen Mint?!

Pre-sale is now complete - follow us on Twitter to stay tuned for updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy The SolaVerse Companion NFTs?

    + -

    When the Companions are ready to launch, we'll put a link to our secure minting page at the top of this page and shout about it all over social media. You'll have to be living under a rock to miss it!

    But just to make sure, follow us on Twitter (@companions_nft) and turn on post notifications - just in case!

  • When's the launch date?

    + -

    Some time in March. Stay tuned to our social media for updates.

    The Companions are still completing their training missions though, and to be honest, some of them are struggling, but for some reason we promised them we wouldn't leave any of them behind!

  • How many NFTs will there be?

    + -

    We're launching 10,000 Companions on their various missions - whether they pass their capabilities tests or not.

  • Why should I mint one?

    + -

    Because they're awesome!

    No, but seriously, we've packed as much utility into these little guys as remotely possible.

    We've already talked about these things above, and we'll be announcing more and more features as time goes on.

    • You're going to get early access to the alpha release of the first game in The SolaVerse. That means you have the chance to start earning SOLA rewards before we open the servers up to the public.
    • We're working with incredibly talented artists to render 3d models of your Companion in the future for use in the metaverse.
    • We'll give you free in-game skins and/or items in the form of NFTs when we launch our Marketplace.
    • You'll be able to earn extra daily/weekly SOLA rewards if you're registered on our website.
    • Just like with all technology, things need updating from time to time... OG Companions will receive their firmware update package later in 2022 for free. Just a warning though, the software is still experimental and we're seeing some unusual side-effects... We're looking into it...
    • Oh yeah, 50% of the proceeds from mint will be donated directly to charity - just think of the children!!
  • How many can I mint?

    + -

    We want a fair distribution of the Companion NFTs to spread around The SolaVerse and complete their missions. We also want to meet and get to know as many of you as possible, it's a family in the Discord already, so come and join.

    We hate gas fees just as much as you do, so we've decided to launch the Companions in 3 stages to help avoid gas wars as much as possible.

    1. The SOLA-STAR NFT holders will get 24 hours of early access to mint their Companion NFT for free.
    2. Members of the whitelist will then have 24 hours to be able to mint up to 3 Companions, depending on their allocation.
    3. Finally, anything not minted by the SOLA-STAR holders or whitelisters will be available in the public sale.
  • How do I get on the whitelist?

    + -

    Our whitelist is a list of people who are guaranteed a 24 hour window to mint their Companion NFTs. Other than being a SOLA-STAR NFT holder, the whitelist is the only way to guarantee yourself a Companion.

    In order to get on the whitelist, you'll need to follow us on Twitter, turn on post notifications and then come and say hi in our Discord.

    We'll be running all sorts of competitions and raffles and we'll be actively rewarding members for engaging in the community and really getting behind our #4Lifer ethos.

    We'll obviously be looking to partner up with some sexy people who have lots of followers on social media platforms and little blue checkmarks next to their names... So if you're one of them or looking to collab - speak to Elliot.