The foundation for the upcoming Metaverse

As a SOLA-STAR holder, you are about to control your very own solar system. SOLA-STARS are the focal point of The SolaVerse and you'll get rewards for everything that happens within your system. Our Play-to-Earn game will be the first project built on top of your SOLA-STAR, this will provide the first of many rewards and benefits that we have planned for our holders.

All 2,000 Stars have already been minted but if you missed out, you can still buy one from our collection on OpenSea.

ERC721 token on the Ethereum blockchain - hosted on IPFS

There will only ever be 2,000 SOLA-STARS in existence, costing 0.2 ETH each to mint.

As a holder, you'll be rewarded for completing challenges and activities in our Free-to-Plan MMO game, as well as many other future projects developed within The SolaVerse.

Owning a SOLA-STAR is more than just owning a piece of digital art. It's your key to the future of The SolaVerse. Your SOLA-STAR NFTs will earn you in-game rewards, as well as other exclusive benefits that will be revealed over time.

  • SOLA-STAR 2,000 SOLA-STARS All with unique trait combinations that act as the foundation blocks to The SolaVerse.
  • Fair Launch Fair Launch Random token distribution - all SOLA-STARS cost 0.2 ETH to mint, no tiered purchasing levels.
  • Rewards Start Earning Rewards Earn rewards by playing and completing missions in our upcoming Free-to-Play MMO game.
  • Exclusive access Exclusive Access Roles in the community, in-game content, and real-life products such as merch and events.

The Metaverse

Each star is a 1-of-1, algorithmically generated piece of art that has a vital role to play within The SolaVerse.

All stars have 6 core properties with different traits and rarities, creating a diverse range of potential solar systems.

Your SOLA-STAR will be the foundation block that The SolaVerse is built on top of.

Fair Launch

To demonstrate fairness of the minting process, we released the provenance information before any of the minting began. You can view this information here: The SolaVerse Provenance Record.

We wanted to guarantee that the distribution was completely random, so we created a hash of every SOLA-STAR, then concatenated all 2,000 hashes together in the order of our initial sequence to create a final proof hash. You can check this hash yourself, and it can be used to show that the order of the SOLA-STARS did not change at any point before, during or after the token sales.

The SolaVerse Placeholder

Welcome to The SolaVerse

The final proof hash is stored and visible in the smart contract and was set before any minting began. You can see our verified contract on Etherscan and check the provenance hash:

A Legendary SOLA-STAR

There are only 6 Legendary NFTs in the
entire Genesis Collection of 2,000 SOLA-STARS

Once minting was complete, a "starting index" number was calculated based on the current ID of the block on the Ethereum blockchain when the final SOLA-STAR was minted. That number was used to offset our initial sequence index, making it impossible for the minting order to be predicted because we couldn't possibly have known what the offset starting index would be until after the minting finished.

Once the final sequence was set, the SOLA-STAR metadata was published to IPFS and we began the reveal so everyone could see their prized SOLA-STARS in their wallets and on platforms like OpenSea and Rarible.

Operation Dawn