Your NFT will actively yield rewards

Hold-2-Earn metaverse with a Play-to-Earn game

The first major project in The SolaVerse is a game you can play for free, complete missions and challenges, and earn rewards in - holding a SolaVerse NFT as well will multiply these rewards!

Your NFTs will also automatically yield rewards and grant you access to private events, discounts on merch and free airdrops in the future.

Planets are coming!

As announced in ANOMALY-001 - Planets will be discovered soon, and within the game you will earn a share of all the rewards for everything that happens within your solar systems (i.e., on all of the planets orbiting your star).

Utility Token

There will be many ways to use your token within the metaverse over the coming years.

To start with, The SolaVerse utility token will act as the premium currency in our upcoming game.

So, if you're an NFT holder generating rewards, we'd recommend you HODL...

Exclusive benefits and access to private events

A SOLA-STAR NFT will also act as your ticket of entry to upcoming private events hosted by The SolaVerse.

SOLA-STAR holders will also have many exclusive benefits, such as discounts on merch and future airdrops.

Operation Dawn